Casino City's Pocket Gaming Directory - 2018-2019 Edition

“We are in more than 25 casinos in Las Vegas and Laughlin, Nevada. The first casino site was in 1994. With 43,000+ stores worldwide, the Subway ® chain is very well known and appeals to a large audience due to rapid worldwide expansion. By speaking with casino operators, I know one of the most important factors they look for is great customer service. They want to make sure their customers are taken care of with utmost service. In addition, they are inundated with their casino operations and want to make sure their operators are seasoned in the brand to be able to provide this excellent service. Tourists will more often choose a franchised brand that they know versus a mom and pop operation. Most of the locations that I have acquired in my 34 years of Subway ® experience are due to seasoned relationships. I first opened my Subway ® franchise in Las Vegas in 1983. The casino locations are on the Las Vegas Strip, Downtown Las Vegas and neighborhood casinos.” Donna Curry, Subway ® Franchise Owner and Subway ® Development Agent Subway ®